Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Barns and Noble.... Question?

is it safe to buy from the Barns and noble "used Book" section online???Barns and Noble.... Question?
Yes, their books are almost always in good condition. They have to meet certain requirement (they have to be in one piece), to be put on the sales list. If you recieve a defective book you can always return it.
girl yes that is like the best book store ever i think you shoulod bye new books thoughBarns and Noble.... Question?
yes, i have done it a lot of times and it works fine.Barns and Noble.... Question?
why wouldn't it be?
Yes. I've done it many times.
yes but I suggest you buy a new one...just in case the other is badly...preserved
Yes, I've bought many from them. A couple times I was sent the wrong book. But, it was very easy to return and get my money back. I still buy used books, just to save money.
If you feel safe giving them your credit card info online, yes, B%26amp;N is as secure as any store should be.

If you don't feel safe giving them your info, try PayPal.

If you don't trust PayPal either, suggest you go to B%26amp;N and ask a clerk about any used book you may have in mind.

B%26amp;N should, like Amazon, have a rating on the condition of 'used books.'

I would think they get many 'new' books back there in excellent condition (wrong gift), which they then must call 'used.'

(Wrote that in case that is what you mean by is it 'safe' to get used books there, which I doubt, since you also say 'online.')
buy it new...but anyways yeah b and n is very trustworthy i practically live there so yeah its good.

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