Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Which is better; the Amazon Kindle or the Barns and Noble Nook?

I am looking to get a e-reader and am not sure about either.... I have never actually dealt with either one before so I am not sure which one is better, more clear, easy to use, cheaper....etc... Please help me decide!Which is better; the Amazon Kindle or the Barns and Noble Nook?
Note on model names: B%26amp;N naming is that the "Nook First Edition" is their older monochrome ereader; "Nook Color" is their color ereader; and "Nook Simple Touch Reader" (aka Nook Touch) is their latest monochrome ereader.

Buy a Kindle or Nook Touch if you're most interested in long-run reading. Their E Ink Pearl display is better than Nook First Edition's older E Ink Vizplex screen and much better than Nook Color's LCD screen for reading text. Deciding between a Kindle and Nook Touch: Kindle advantages: keyboard, 3G model available, 4G internal memory, Text-To-Speech, MP3 support. Nook Touch advantages: touch screen, less page-turn flashing, EPUB support, SD memory expansion port.

Buy a Nook Color if you're most interested in apps and games and browsing the web. Reading long-run text is as tolerable as it is with a computer monitor, and the Kindle's and Nook Touch capabilities in the non-reading areas pale in comparison.

Other than catching a great close-out deal, there's not much reason to buy a Nook First Edition now that Nook Touch is out and now that Kindle will have support for library lending. The E Ink Pearl display found in the Kindle and Nook Touch has 50% better contrast than Nook's older E Ink Vizplex.

Kindle 3G is definitely an amazing device. Its worth the money.You can put ebooks/notes/audio books on your kindle also Notes and annotations are very easy to make.Very easy to use with the PC and the Mac Kindle is very straight forward there's no need for additional software required for Kindle. Also supports you can also increase the text size which is again amazing.E-INK screen technology that don鈥檛 glare in any light so no strain to eyes and less harmful. There are wide range of books on kindle many are free and other are cheaper at price than the actual books so yes I have saved a lot of money till now.

You dont have to carry now all those heavy actual books, kindle is so light weight which is carrying almost 1500 books within it. Since I travel a lot I really like the 3G Internet you can get the internet wherever you go. Whenever you are tired of reading you can also you Text-To-Speech with auto-page turning feature which is jst so relaxing. If the small size strains your eyes a lot than can also change the text-size. I must say Kindle is a small magic books really I cant live without it.Which is better; the Amazon Kindle or the Barns and Noble Nook?
Nook!Which is better; the Amazon Kindle or the Barns and Noble Nook?
Buy the Nook Color!! You can root it and turn it into a $600 Android tablet. You can get 1000's of apps from the android marketplace and extra storage.

Plus you can have the kindle app on there as well :) So you can get more variety on your books and costs!

Just go to this site www.Nook2Android.com to get the SD card that has it running for you! It already has many popular apps installed too, such as Angry Birds, Netflix, Words with Friends, and more!


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