Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Should I buy a barns & noble nook?

Ok so I want to know what you think about the nook. Not the nook color. Or do you like the kindle better? Please name the prose and cons.Should I buy a barns %26amp; noble nook?
i personally like the nook better, it looks better, and i like the little touch screen at the bottom of the nook, and the nook is only $119 at ur local store, the kindle is more expensiveShould I buy a barns %26amp; noble nook?
I like the kindle better because it is more popular and easier for me to read. I like the nook because yo can see in color but the I-pad and Kindle are the easiest to use overall. I would recommend going to see them at best buy, then buying one on amazon, ebay, etc. so you save some money.

nook - 4/5 price 4/5

I-pad- 5/5 price 3/5

kindle- 5/5 price 4.6/5

Have fun with your reader!Should I buy a barns %26amp; noble nook?
Kindle is totally the best as far as features and ebook selection goes.
The kindle e-ink display is currently way better then both nooks.. it has 50% better contrast then the monochrome nook - and the problem with the color nook is that it has a backlit screen that causes eye strain. I can read on a kindle all day long with no fatigue but an hour of intense work on a color nook would kill my eyes.

You can get a great deal on the kindle here:
The wifi kindle is fine but I would opt to pay $30 more for the 3g kindle, since you can use the web browser free anywhere vs just wifi hotspots on the basic kindle. Also, the 3g kindle is way easier to get setup since you don't have to setup your own wifi hotspots, it "just works" out of the box including buying books right on the device.
FYI nook has stopped offering a 3g nook, another reason to prefer the kindle.

The only thing I really like about the nook is that you can share books with friends (vs just family with the same amazon account on the kindle).. but I think the kindle still wins considering all other factors.

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