Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Job at barns and noble?

Hi i want to know if i shuld call barns and noble and ask dem if they are hiring b4 i fell out application that i can print out from the website and wat possible jobs will they give out for a 16 year-old...Job at barns and noble?
I used to work for Barnes and Noble. The only job they will hire a 16 year old for is a Book Seller. Um you should definately call and see if they are hiring, be sure to be very professional and courteous on the phone. They are probably hiring for temp/seasonal at the very least. Also you should turn in the application either way because Barnes and Noble will hold it on file for 6 months, and when they get an opening they go through the applications they've recieved before they look at anything else. And remember don't put your SSN on the application if you had to to print it out, then when it prints out very neatly put a black marker over it. and write above it will supply upon employment. i used to work for barnes and noble its safer not to give out your ssn on every application, and they are very understanding about that. in fact they were the first ones to tell me not to put it on. good luck!Job at barns and noble?
They probably won't hire someone who can't spell their name correctly.

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