Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Is it at barns and noble?

i heard that there is a part 5 to inuyasha and it is at barns and noble and its going to cost around 60$ but i do not no if its there now are will it be there soon or next year or something HELP there has to be a part 5 part 4 they never kill the bad guy if there is not a part 5 the they have to be making more sows on tv the ending to that show every day ep on tv they never kill the bad guy so if they never kill the bad guy theres never a ending does anybody no were i can find that movie or if there just making everyday shows i know i m not the only one that is CRAZY about the show and is DIEING to know HELLLLP :{Is it at barns and noble?
Are you asking about Season 5? If so it isn't scheduled to come out until July 29th. The actual suggested retail price is $100. You can preorder it on amazon.com right now for $70.

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