Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Barns & Noble Problem?

I ordered a book on Friday from barns and noble. I checked my email and it said my package had been shipped. Later on i got a email about tracking it. When i entered my tracking number it said it wasn't found. So i decided to wait a little bit and then try again a little later. It is now Tuesday and my package was expected to get to my house on Monday. Tracking it still doesn't work. Why hasn't it come yet?Barns %26amp; Noble Problem?
Contact customer service and make sure it shipped. It may be that the shipping service hasn't caught up with the website yet, but you should check to be sure.Barns %26amp; Noble Problem?
I would wait until tomorrow to lodge a complaint. Sometimes shipping takes a little longer than they say it has, and sometimes tracking numbers don't work. If it hasn't arrived by tomorrow, I would first contact the shipper (UPS, FedEx, or USPS) because they can look up the tracking number in their own system. If they cannot find it, then I would email or call Barnes and Noble customer service (probably call). If it is lost, they will replace it.Barns %26amp; Noble Problem?

Try going to a B%26amp;N store in person and have them check there. Bring whatever you have for proof that you paid for your merchandise. If that doesn't work, send them an email with your information. I always order from Amazon and never have any problems getting my shipment.


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