Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Barns and noble question ?

So if I get a book at barns and noble online what would the price be if I were to pick it up at the store. Would it be the online price or the store price. Also would it be cheaper just to have it ordered to your house or just to pick it up at the store. Please helpBarns and noble question ?
I just checked. For a little while they will ship for free. This offer requires purchase with credit card. Unless you cancel your free Membership, Barnes %26amp; Noble will charge your credit card $25 at the end of your free Membership period and at the end of each 12-month period henceforth. You would need to cancel otherwise, if you forget to cancel, you would have to pay $25, not a good strategy.

Otherwise, shopping on line means you pay shipping. An exception is Amazon Prime, where you pay money at beginning of year and they ship things free. You can call them at the store to see if it is in stock, and ask the clerk if they would hold it for you for a few hours. They likely would do that for you.Barns and noble question ?
pick up at store should be cheaper for delivery

as long as you order it/ pay for it online it will be online price

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