Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Barns and Noble member ship?

The other day i went to barns and noble and one of their workers setted up a thing threw my member ship card so that i can get coumpons,* and girft card offers off any purceses sent to my email address.

The only thing is that when it is sent to me how do i get them off the computer?

Or are they are ready on my member ship card so when ever i buy a book it will show up on it? HELP!

10 point to best anwer!Barns and Noble member ship?
You will receive these coupons in your email, and all you have to do is print them off and take them with you to the store to receive your discount. They don't show up on your card, unfortunately. But it's a fantastic deal, really.Barns and Noble member ship?
There are a set of benefits that are automatic and just happen if you have your card when buying

The coupons in your email you have to print out and take with you to get.Barns and Noble member ship?
You just print them off your e-mail and you can take them with you to the store.

It doesn't show up on your card though.

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