Sunday, December 18, 2011

Which is cheaper online Borders or Barns and Noble?

i wanted to know what one i should use people tell me borders is cheaper online then others tell me Barns and noble is? How do i know?|||I'm pretty sure that Borders is cheaper. They have coupons all the time (if you're a rewards member, they'll email you every week) for 25% - 40% off a single item. Most of the time you can use it online, and you can either pay to have it shipped to your home, or ship it to a Borders store for free. In my experience, B%26amp;N doesn't have very good sales, and the biggest coupon I ever saw from them was 20% off. Book prices and shipping prices should be the same at each store. I'd recommend becoming a reward member (free) at Borders, then using the coupons. B%26amp;N's reward program is $25 annually, and only gives you an additional 10% off of sales prices (usually off of new hardcover releases/best sellers).

Borders also has a "plus" reward program for $20 a year, and you get an additional 10% off everything. However, you can use it in conjunction with a coupon, so if you get a $7.99 book and use a 30% off coupon, the book is now $5.59, then the additional 10% off makes it $5.03. Basically what makes Borders cheaper is the generous coupons they give out.|||If you're buying books online there are a number of good online book stores that you can shop at. If you want to stick to Borders and/or BN, you search for the items you want and compare both stores in their price, then you will know. Borders always have good sales.|||I just compared a couple of books. Borders was cheaper by a dollar or so.

Of course, Amazon is always cheaper than both of those.|||Barnes and noble has coupon codes you can use…

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