Sunday, December 18, 2011

What is it like to work at barns and noble?

I know all about the pay, management and stuff, but i am talking about the actual working part. I want to be bookseller (which i am guessing its the cashiering part) is that just...ring up books and deal with customer and thats all? Or is there other things?

Basicaly what i am trying to ask is, i like to read, but i dont know EVERY SINGLE BOOK in the world. Is that gonna bite me in the butt later on if i get hired there?|||Basically ring up customers and answer questions.|||No one in the world knows every single book out there, it is basically impossible. My best advice is to go down there and ask them how it feels and how it works around there. I do not think not knowing ever book made is going to effect you much. Just know enough to where you can suggest some books to some people who want to get started on a series or just get interested in reading. Hoped this helped|||if thers a hot liberarian that also works there, take the job!|||Well, you may want to learn how to spell their name.|||MUST BE COOL.


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