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What do you do at a Breaking Dawn party at Barns and Noble?

Does anyone know what they do at the partys? Do they have contests or prizes? If you have been to a book party before, help!|||Julia has it right, but I happen to work at a Barnes and Noble, so I want to add a few things. First of all, not every store is having a party, so either go to on stores and events) and check to see if one of your local stores is having one, or call your local store to ask them. Also, the events in each store will be different, so ask your store about that as well. Yes, there will be prizes, at least at my store. I believe one of the prizes is a Twilight t-shirt. The one thing that is the same is the date and time. August 1st from 10pm-midnight. Starting at 12:01am we'll be selling the books, which you can reserve at your local store. I would recommend reserving one, because the number of reservations we get is pretty much the number of books that we'll receive to sell. You can reserve it over the phone, no problem.

Oh, and one more thing: the book will already be discounted when it comes out. It's a promotional thing. So don't worry about needing to wait a few days.

Hope you come and have fun! I will be working at my store's party:)|||They're just like the old Harry Potter ones they used to do. You go really late at night, and pass time with costume contests, trivia, and other games untill it is midnight so that they can officially sell you the Breaking Dawn book.|||this is what one barnes and nobles

is doing, and all barnes and nobles

aren't doing the same thing but itll

probably be similar

Friday, August 1, 2008 from 10:00 PM to Midnight

Barnes %26amp; Noble will host a 'Breaking Dawn' Party with the book going on sale at the stroke of midnight.

Price: Free

Web: Event Web Site

Age Suitability: Teens and up .

Friday, August 1, 2008 from 10:00 PM to Midnight

Barnes %26amp; Noble will host a 'Breaking Dawn' Party with the book going on sale at the stroke of midnight.

Join us for Barnes %26amp; Noble’s special Pre-Release Party for Stephenie Meyer’s new book 'Breaking Dawn.' Customers are encouraged to come dressed for the Prom (we’ll select a “Prom Queen”). We will have a Midnight Cake Cutting, a Trivia Contest,a Tattoo and Black Nail Booth, and giveaways before Meyer’s new release will go on sale at the stroke of midnight. And, oh yes, there will be Prom photos. 'Breaking Dawn' is the final book in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn.|||You meet people that also love those books, there are contests, give aways, they take photos and sometimes post them up in the store, last year Stephenie Meyer actually turned up at one.|||lots of games and trivia and contests.

You can dress up as a character and I think the best one gets a prize.|||THEY HAVE ONE?! WHERE HOW WHEN PLEASE TELL ME1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


vampire trivia

debate about who's best for bella

countdown to midnight|||SIT DOWN AND READ THE DARN BOOK!!!

how can you even consider having a party?! i'm locking my door and not coming out till i'm done!! lol|||I have no idea but I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo going.|||they should have a costume contest or whatever. I've never been there, but im sooo going this time :)

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