Sunday, December 18, 2011

I went to Barns and Noble the other day and noticed something interesting.?

Religion had a full section. In that full section Christianity had a whole row and a half.

In another section there were two book shelf's of Gay and lesbian readings.

Thee was one shelf labeled Atheism and Agnostics.

What do you people of the Society and Culture section think of this?|||Barnes and Noble can sell what ever they want. Truth is that they only care about book sales. If the books are not selling they will get rid of them ASAP. So I guess, if it made you feel uncomfortable to have these books displayed, your choice would be a. order online, b. go to another retailer, c. send a strongly worded email to the Absent those choices, I suppose you are out of luck. Remember the freedom of speech thing in the constitution? That's what gives people the right to read stuff that you don't agree with. As much as I prefer not to see them, I value freedom of speech even more.|||As a [future] economist, I would have to say they saw some trends and marketed toward what brought in the most moolah! (supply %26amp; demand: some of the of the simplest, yet important economic laws ever)

That's one of the good things about free enterprise: competition! Other than that, there's not a lot of great stuff about it....|||i think that barnes and noble stocks books according to sales, which varies around the country. so, in another state, there could be way more or less. try not to read too much into it|||I think it's pretty gay.......|||I have seen that also, but really didn't think much of it.|||It's basic supply and demand.|||Its says volumes ; no pun intended|||i think you should email yahoo if you care so much

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