Sunday, December 18, 2011

Is it illegal to read a whole book in one sitting at barns and noble?

would that be similar to stealing??|||Not at Barnes and Nobles, but I tried that at a local bookstore. Actually, I didnt intend to read the full book. It was a long novel and I am a very slow reader. I was on page 8, and the book was beginning to pick up pace, when the storekeeper came and said, "Sir, if you read the book here then what are we to sell. Please, just check the index here." I dropped the book and bought another one. Man, I felt so embarrased.

It may not be illegal, but is not ethical. Bookstores shouldnt be used as libraries. It isnt fair, is it?

TW K|||Probably the problem comes from if you break the spine or something like that, since it's not your property it's might be considered vandalism. Also depending on how long you're sitting there it might be considering loitering. Though i know most B%26amp;N's have a cafe that you can do homework in, so you'll probably be ok with that part unless you're there all day. If you can read the whole book, while not messing it up or being obvious then good luck to you.|||lol that could be possible. When i was a kid my dad always told me that it was illegal to finish a book in one sitting when you're in barnes and noble. And he always warned me that if i do that they'd take my eyes out (of which im still worried about today jk.) Well... after a few minutes of saying that my dad would be in a corner trying to finish a book and when i ask him why can he finish a book he would always say that it was a special privilege for adults.|||I don't believe that reading a whole book in one sitting at B%26amp;A is illegal; there is no statute forbidding you to do so.

And to tell you the truth, I don't think many authors would mind you reading their books without buying them; it would just be flattering to them that you're even reading and enjoying their work at all :)

The only people who would think that this is a travesty are the booksellers, who make their living off selling books. It's profitable for them to hide the ball and keep a book shrouded in mystery, because honestly, who would buy the cow if you could get the milk for free?

Personally, I go with something one of my English teachers in high school told me: you can never say you like or dislike a book until you finish it. What I do is, I visit the bookstore over a span of days to finish one book that seems particularly interesting.

If I end up liking it, I buy it. It's my way of showing my gratitude to the author, and to the bookseller. If I don't like the book, I let it go, and look for another book.|||technically it's not illegal, and easy to manage if you bring it into the cafe area. but as a private business they are allowed to kick you out within reason and they probably will if they catch on. but if you buy a cup of overpriced coffee and read a book in one sitting, they probably won't realize what you're doing.|||you want to read for free go to a library with the rest of the homeless people, barnes and noble is for people with money and laptops and a slice of chocolate cake and cappuccino served to them, although i do love this 1 saying that matt damon says in the movie good will hunting i dont remember his exact words but it was something like you paid $100 grand for an education you could have got at the public library for $1.50 in late fees|||As long as you do not destroy, defame, or even crease the binding of the book, Barnes and Noble should have no problem...

Yes, it is similar to stealing because of the knowledge you take from the book...

but, no, it is not illegal|||Ha Ha. I don't know. You should try and tell me what happens. I've always wanted to go to a book store and read the whole book before buying it. Well, it might not be illegal, but they can kick you out of the store, maybe?|||well, no. sure, they read the book but its not like they took it out of the store without buying it. besides, i dont see why anyone would do that. thats why we have libraries.|||There's no law against learning! (Corney, I know.)

There are laws against stealing tangible items, but knowledge?

There's no way anyone could prosacute you for that.|||Go ahead, what they charge for college textbooks and in many cases not providing isbn numbers to college courses, they deserve people who would do such a thing, Good Job|||haha. mind stealing.|||I sure hope not. They have reading corners and fireplaces, it's a huge invitation for reader thieves lol|||Whenever I go in there I always wonder the same thing. I dont dont think it is.|||I'm in big trouble if this is the case!|||punishable by death|||I doubt it's illegal, but if the workers notice, they might kick you out.|||No, but the store has the right to ask you to leave.|||It's not illegal if you don't get caught...|||I could never stay in there long enough to find out|||No|||it kills the whole purpose of the store|||well it's not illegal!! but it isn't right!|||nooo..

i've done that lots of times.

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