Sunday, December 18, 2011

Which delivery service is more reliable: Amazon or Barns & Noble? Do you get your order in time?

I'm trying to order Harry Potter, but I am leaving the state a few days after release date. I want to make sure I have it before my flight. I won't be able to read it for a good three weeks if I don't get it before the day I leave.|||I usually get from and have had little difficulty EXCEPT for high-volume times (the holidays, special items). Barnes and Noble will charge you tax as they have a store in every state. Stick with|||amazon|||Amazon has always delivered. I have not tried Barnes and Noble on-line, since I have a brick-and-mortar B%26amp;N location nearby and would rather browse in real time. I'm sure they're competent on-line, too.|||I always got everything from Amazon on time.

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