Sunday, December 18, 2011

If you are going to a Breaking Dawn release party at Barns and Noble is it madatory to dress up?

no its not mandatory, but i personally think its fun to so i am.

i think there is one twilight convention thing that makes you dress up but the barns and noble one doesn't)=

hope that helps!!|||Mandatory, no, but fun, yes.|||nope|||No, of course not. Why would it be mandatory?|||No, it's not mandatory at all. Actually, it's probably casual. I went to a book release party before. It wasn't formal. You can dress normally.|||Nope. I would thought just because XD Theres a costume contest at some stores I've heard|||nope i'm going in my normal clothes

i hope i don't look freakish. jk|||no i'm not going to "dress up" but i am going to make a tee shirt that has something to do with the twilight series|||u do not have to dress up, t-shirt and jeans are fine|||No of course not.

Im deff not wearing my prom dress lol|||It isn't mandatory to dress up. You can wear what ever you want; jeans and a T-shirt are fine. About the Prom theme thing, they made a mistake because I went to another B %26amp; N and it said it was an engagment party not Prom.|||take a look at this site for a dress鈥?/a>

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