Sunday, December 18, 2011

Is a Barns and Noble Nook screen big enough?

Is the 6" screen on a Barns and Noble Nook Simple Touch big enough to read comfortably?

Seems like it would be kind of small.

I'm thinking about getting one for my wife who's an avid regular paper book reader.|||For novels it is perfect, if you go much bigger you will have trouble when she tries to hold it in one hand. That's my problem when I read with my iPad. If she mainly reads novels it's no problem, just remember that it isn't lcd so if she reads in the dark she's going to need a night light or a book light to go with her nook.

If she's going to read anything like a pdf or word document it isn't the best on the nook or kindle actually, you need a color touchscreen for that.

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