Sunday, December 18, 2011

Can you get a job at barns and noble if you have a nose ring?

I'm considering getting a nose ring, nothing big, just a little stud, but I was wondering if there were any major companies who won't hire people because they have a nose ring. The places I'm really curious about are Barns and Noble, Michael's, Border's, and other places like that.|||Bookstores hire all sorts of weird-*** people. I am sure you would fit right in.|||You can get flesh colored retainer studs that are barely noticeable, but you have to wear a ring at all times for at least 2 months when you first get the piercing so it will heal right. Lots of people say they changed it sooner with no problem but my attitude was, I paid a lot for the piercing, I'm not taking chances.

Employers are not supposed to discriminate on this basis but we know how the real world can be. My boss never said boo but a coworker in another department lost her eyebrow piercing because her manager wouldn't let her wear the jewelry in it. You might want to get the job first, make yourself a valued employee and then ask about it.|||I have had a nose stud for 8 years. I've never had a problem getting a job anywhere - well once I had a job working with old people and my employers said I had to take it out when I went in their homes. I didn't because I figured they couldn't see it anyways. Most adults don't even notice it anymore.|||Literally the dumbest question ever.

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