Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dose barns and noble have the book endless summer by jennifer echols?

the barnes %26amp;noble the I go to is the one in Hamburg Pavilion.|||Hahahaha what? Dani telling you to go to the website was too much for you to handle? It would have been easier that way! Never have to leave home. Now u have to hope that with all the barnes and nobiles closing it'll still be there when u get to the store. I think her response was nice! But u had to be a brat and report her! For what? Saying "go to their website and look it up. If that store doesnt, you can have it sent to ur house like I do :)" yes, very threatning!! I'm shivering! U are seriously too lazy to look something up but will create a question and wait around for a stranger to reply instead?? U make no sense to me!

And its spelled DOES. Dose is a strength of medicine. Smart.

I know ur guna report me too lmao!|||I agree with anyone that told you to go to their website and look it up yourself. And you are reporting people for that? It is spelled "does" and Barnes and Noble. I was in Barnes and Noble yesterday and didn't see it. But then I wasn't looking for it and I don't know where the Hamburg Pavilion is.|||Yes.

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