Sunday, December 18, 2011

Do you like to hang out at barns and Noble?

Sometimes I just feel like going there, finding a spot and reading manga and comics and other books. Plus there is a coffee/tea place inside. So do you like just hanging there?|||Barnes and Noble is probably my favorite place to be aside from home. It's such a peaceful environment and it always smells really good lol. :)

It's really relaxing, makes me feel calm even when I'm stressed.|||sure do! The manga section in my local BN is full of kids just sitting in the isle though haha.|||Why not? I love borders books!! SO relaxinf when no one bothers you.|||Yea, but Powell's is closer to my house (not to mention cooler) so i usually hang out there.|||lol i do the same thing :D but im usually at the Borders...probably because its so close to where i live|||Yes, I too sometimes feel like donning my turtle neck sweater and cotton dockers and going down to the bookstore to enjoy a cappucino with my 2 best friends who just happen to be women. We often muse about pooling our money and buying a hybrid to drive around the country following The Indigo Girls on their latest concert tour. Of course we would stop at many vineyards to enjoy sample wine tastings of the very finest Merlot. Then just for fun we would chain ourselves to a tree that some evil developer had condemned to death so that he can build a poison spewing factory. But eventually we must return home to our lives in our overpriced studio apartments and to our jobs as insurance company phone reps. But oh the times we would have!|||no

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