Sunday, December 18, 2011

Has anyone purchased the henna or tattoo kit from Barns & Noble?

What are they like and did you like them? Are they good?|||i have purchased the henna from bn it works good but the funnel that you put on the bottle gets clod fast so i end up putting it on a dish and dipping a paint brush in it and putting it on my hands if i had to rate it1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest i would give it a 9 so it is ok to get i hope this helped o do not let the bottle get air in it wale you are working it pop and makes a mess wane you are working with your Design|||I wasn't impressed with the henna kit from Barnes and Noble's- my room mate works there and she picks up all those little kinds of trinkets pretty frequently. I caught her at the table one night with the henna tattoo kit and watched her and she poked herself over and over again with a dull stick and some black semi-permanent ink (it only lasts for a week or so, don't scrub on the area when you take a shower) The kit came with ink, the stick, a guide book/reference book, and some cheap stencils. Really though, the stencils didn't count for much- the width of your poking stick (as I lovingly call it) is thicker then some of the actual parts you have to stencil in. So you have to free hand whatever tattoo you want- which, in many cases, never turns out what you see in the pictures.

My suggestion: go find a place that does temporary henna tattoos instead, you might pay a little more then you would for a kit, but at least they know what theyre doing and their ink lasts twice as long and it looks really authentic.|||i actually got one the first time i did a henna tattoo. The henna was an ok quality but, i would of like it to have lasted a little longer. I now get my henna supplies from Henna Hut, they have super henna that stains fast and last for a long time!|||i got henna. kinda neat but takes time and ingredients. Interesting stuff.

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